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Our Graduates' Comments

We have included portions of letters that we have received from some of the past graduates. To protect the privacy of the individual graduates, their names and salaries have been eliminated.
A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  us wrote:
I would like to thank your excellent staff and instructor, it made getting the number of certifications (A+, MCSE, CNA & CCNA) relatively easy.  I would like to thank __for convincing me to take all 4 courses; instead of just taking A+, which was my original intention.

Finally, I would like to thank the staff of Computer Institute, especially __ for all the times I bothered him on Sat. for a computer and the correct software to practice on.  Also, the receptionists and counselors for supplies given to me.  I personally like the almost family like environment here and will defiantly come back here to take the classes on Oracle and CCNP.

A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  us wrote:
"I'm doing great, sorry I haven't written sooner.  I was hired about six weeks ago as a web developer for ADI Technology Corporation located in Crystal City.   The job is better than I imagined.  I'm a part of a three-member team, and we are responsible for running the company's employee intranet, and 13 client sites.  I'm very busy but I'm also learning a tremendous amount.  Salary is pretty decent but nothing compared to what I'll be making next year at this time.   
A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  us wrote:
"Hi!  Whenever I needed help, you offered it in a very professional and pleasant manner.  Whether I needed help with my resume or call regarding my job opportunity or employment references, you went out of your way to assist me.  For all your outstanding efforts, I am truly grateful.."   
A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  us wrote:
"Great news!! I have had two job offers and I'm taking a developer job that's only three miles from home so I can still spend a lot of time with my children. It also pays very well. I'll be starting out in the __s. God is always taking very good care of us. Thanks for all of your help. I incorporated your information into a presentation package I brought with me on my interview.  I also practiced with my answers to questions before the interview. Thank you again! Take care!
A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  us wrote:
"It's like a dream come true! After all the hard work and all the encouragement from everyone at the Computer Institute, I've been offered a job.  I've started a job with MST in Rockville as a Programmer/Analyst.  I will be using Oracle.  My starting pay is $------  a year, the benefits are very good and I can't complain.
A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  us wrote:
"I was out-of-town for an interview and I accepted the offer from that company.  They design database and software for hospitals.  I feel the company has a good future and my previous background is also valued in that company.  I will go to work next week.  I also got a few offers in Maryland, but I decided to take this one..  I will never forget the days I spent with Computer Institute.  Can't say too much how I  do appreciate.  Dr. Lansky and CI helped me make the career transition and most of all gave me so many wonderful references.  Without CI, I can't make it.  I will write to Dr. Lansky separately.  Need to treat him before I leave.

As for taking the PL/SQL exam, read the exam guide, the one CI provided, remember the topics (it is a great book, if somebody can remember and understand the book, no problem to pass the exams).  Do the exercises that CI provided.  It's better to do twice.  During the exam, don't be intimidated by the long exam questions, read the last sentences of the questions first, so you will know how to read the long code, most of the code in the questions are just bulky stuff for correct answer.  It you can't answer the question in one minute, mark it, go to another one.  It's OK to miss a few.

Thanks to everyone in CI."

A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  us wrote:
"Sorry madam I couldn't reply you early because we had a very big work project that we are working on it.  Basically I am working at Attronica and they have given me the technical department.  My technical supervisor teaches me how to work with different clients such as gateways, Compaq, pc and laptops, IBM, how to install servers where memories goes and different kinds of printers.  Really this is great for the beginners and once you feel that you can do yourself then they put on site.  They have 5 branches slowly they will put  me on customer site.  This is also great because I will be learning about networking which I wanted to do.  Really this company is great because my managers have given me an opportunity to learn as much.  If there is any opening, I will let you know.

First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Vahid the right directions he has given me.  Really I am lucky to have him as my instructor because he made the subjects very interesting it feels not to skip his any lecture.  Thank you very much Mr. Vahid.  I will be back get more knowledge from you.  You are the best.  Thank you.  

A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  us wrote:
"I have just accepted a Database Programmer position with a Charlottesville firm, PRA International.  The firm conducts clinical trials and data collection for pharmaceutical and biotech companies around the world.  It has annual sales of  $80M and approximately 800 employees and is projecting a 10-15% growth over the next five years so there appears to be good potential for career growth.  I will be starting as a Programmer II rather than an entry level programmer.  I think this is due to a number of factors: my previous project experience and MBA, Oracle DBA and Developer training, good interview preparation, and lack of experienced Oracle people in the Charlottesville area.  My starting salary is $       (up from an initial offer of $      ) and I will have a six month performance review with an opportunity for an additional $.... bonus.  My plan from making a career change out of manufacturing and into high tech is working out very well so far thanks primarily to Lev and yourself.  Thank you both for all of your help!
A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  us wrote:
"Hello Victoria!  How are you?  It seems as if you have the gift of knowing when to send the email to the person, you always send the email at the right time.  I was going to write you a letter today and here I see your note.  My job at the White House is going fine and it is at the final stage, the project is almost complete, may be final three weeks.  I haven't even started looking for the job yet.  I am attaching my revised resume for you if you have any prospects, please forward my resume to them.  I'll really appreciate it.

Please feel free to give my name, address, and phone number as a reference to the new students.  In fact I want to write a letter of appreciation to the Computer Institute for the excellent job they did before, at the time of studies and ever after the classes, and specially to you for helping me find my first job in my new career.  Thanks.  Hope to hear from you soon.

A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email to our  Instructor wrote:
"I just wanted to thank you and the Computer Institute for all you have done for my IT career pursuit.  After attending your developer classes I was prepared to take on my first goal, becoming a Certified Oracle Professional.  I've successfully pass all five of the exams and I'm now ready to achieve my second goal, finding a job as an Oracle Developer.  And now that I'm a Certified Oracle Developer Application Developer, I found a new window of opportunity available to me that was closed off before.  I now know with the skill set you help me achieve, I will have confidence to get the job I could only dream about before.
A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  us wrote:
"Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I have accepted an offer at a small company in Arlington.  I will be working as a Research Analyst responsible for, among other things, maintaining their website, converting and formatting graphics files and tech writing.  They were particularly impressed by my breadth of knowledge and what I learned at Computer Institute was really the last piece of the puzzle I have been looking for.  The salary and benefits will be amply enough to pay back what I have invested in the course and have plenty left over.  I want to thank you again for the help in revamping my resume.  I wish you and Computer Institute continued success in the future. 
A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email to our  Instructor  wrote:
"First of all, I would express my appreciation for your wonderful job in teaching the Oracle Developer course.  Your patience and deep knowledge is certainly a big factor for us to succeed in this field.  Today, I took the second OCP exam, and passed with 88%.  I decided to take the remaining three in next few days.  

I start looking around the job market now, there are many openings.  I listed you as my reference on the resume.  Thank you in advance for your help in this aspect.  By the way, my legal name is ___ while my common name is ___, so don't be surprised when somebody call you and ask about _______.  

Best regards for your teaching, will keep you posted on the progress of my exams and job searching.! Take care.

A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  us wrote:
"Hi there Victoria!  Things are going fine.  I just changed jobs this past month.  I'm now working as a Computer Specialist.  One of my many tasks in this position has been the installation and administration of an NT Domain as well as FTP site.  Due to the training that I received at Computer Institute, this particular task is progressing smoothly and is well ahead of schedule.  My instructors taught me well.....Thanks for all the support!!!  In fact, whenever I'm asked about places that provide top-notch NT training, I always recommend Computer Institute.  Best regards.
A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  us wrote:
"Hi Victoria.  Wanted to let you know that I'm working.  I got a call from someone last week.  I realized I didn't tell you I was working.  Thanks!
A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  us wrote::
"This is to bring to your kind attention that I have now completed the DBA class work at your Computer Institute.  I will soon be ready to take the certification tests, to qualify as a DBA.

I have got a job with Oracle Corporation and am very pleased with the career prospects.  The knowledge gained from the course is very useful in my job responsibilities in serving Oracle customers.

I would like to express my appreciation for my instructor for his help in completing this course.  He was dedicated, diligent, and helpful in conducting this course and tried to explain database concepts in sufficient detail, especially for the benefit of those, who apparently did not have enough industry experience.  He supplemented his lecture with distributing working sql scripts, developed in the class as exercises to help us learn routine automated DBA tasks.  This material will prove very useful in application and execution of our day-to-day tasks, working as DBA.

I would like to be kept posted on future courses at Computer Institute, as and when available.

For now, I would like to thank you and your staff for all assistance.

A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  us wrote:
"I really enjoyed attending your classes.  Your teaching method is very effective.  Whatever you presented I easily understood.  I am very grateful for your advise.

I am interested in attending classes in CISCO and UNIX.  Please advise me of dates you will be teaching these classes."


A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  us wrote:
"Hi Victoria!  I'd like to thank you for submitting  my resume to VM. I got this job already.  In fact, this week is the third week working here.  At first, I planned to call and say thank you to you personally.  But things have been so hectic lately, so I decided to email you instead before it's too late.  Hope you don't mind.  Again, thank you so much.

And yes I'm working with _____.  He's the one who's in charge of training me right now.  He's indeed really nice and kind.  He once told me that he was the one who told you there was an opening position here.  I should thank him too.  And to help you update my record, here is my information:.  

Title: Technical Support Engineer

I had to meet with 5 people at that time.  They asked me everything. My suggestion for answering the interview questions is to be honest and be yourself and do some homework about the company (this helps).

A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  our  Instructor wrote:
"I want to express my appreciation to Mr. Amrit Sibal for helping me to pass the A+ certification exams.  He was not my instructor, but during the breaks he took the time to answer my questions.  Thank you. "
A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  our  Instructor wrote:
"Hey, it's _____, the young student that you had in your MCSE class recently, in case you have forgotten.  Although you think that you have done nothing, I'd just like to thank you again for not only your teaching, but your trust as well.  Not many people are willing to give me much of a chance, but your reassurance and inspiration have helped me a lot.  I'm just writing to update you on my certification.  I took both A+ tests in under 20 minutes (total) and am now certified!  I figure that you are on a break from work and hope you are relaxing, just get back to me about teaching and all that whenever you get the chance.  Hope to hear from you soon."
A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  us wrote:
"In response to your question as to what happened today, please read this:  What happened?  I got the job, that's what happened.  I went in, took the test of 35 questions; I missed one question out of 35 (which is a record in the company), and was hired within 5 minutes of the interview.  They start out very competitively for A+ salaries - much higher than you previously suggested.  This company is enormous and they have offices around the globe.  I suggest that any aspiring computer technician/network admin should start here.  I was assuredly confident and the company took that characteristic in stride and hired me on the spot.  I made quite an impression.  Opportunities for advancement are at every corner and this company possesses a strong, cohesive working environment.  I can only thank you and Gloria for providing me with this excellent start in the high-tech field.  Note to readers:  Please research the company before you go in for an interview!  Nothing flatters them more than you knowing more about the company than them!  Devote yourself to the company in question and nothing can make them happier.  It's all too easy once you follow the simple steps outlined in the Job Search Techniques Handbook.

Haha! Without Computer Institute, I would be sitting here reading about successes instead of living them.  Thank you. 

A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  us wrote:
"Thank you so much for providing a solid reference for me.  I was offered a job today from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.  I will now be the administrator of my own network and am really looking forward to giving them my best and learning a lot more.

The network is small, about 45 nodes but it is an NT 4.0 network, with all the duties and responsibilities that go with keeping a network green and growing.  I'm lucky enough to get a 3 week turnover with the outgoing administrator.  When I finally get myself established there, I will send you my work e-mail address."

A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  us wrote:
"Well Victoria, I finally did get my job.  I would like to thank you for your support.  It was a long road but I did get to my first stop.  I start on May 17.  I will be working for Menusoft.   Small company but the people there seem very nice.  It is not exactly administrating a network but I feel that it is a good starting point.  Hope that everything is fine with you and I thank you once again.
A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  our  Director wrote:
"I thought I should write a couple of lines as a token of appreciation for what you have done for me as well as a lot of other people who have succeeded in their goals because of Computer Institute training and the team of dedicated people whom you have put together.  I presently work as a senior network engineer and systems information security analyst for a reputable company that specializes on internet banking software.  I am writing this letter to let you know that I got quality training from Computer Institute while attending the MCSE course during 1998 which helped me to score very high in the Microsoft Exams.  It also helped me to comprehend the operating system so well that I was the only candidate (out of 22 people interviewed for the position) who scored 100% in the written test taken by my present employer prior to my acceptance.  It also made tremendous impact on my salary.  I am very happy for making the decision to take this course in Computer Institute.  When I get a chance in the future, I will want to take a few other courses that Computer Institute offers.  I would like to commend you for creating such a successful organization and greatly appreciate the personal attention you give to people in need.

My special thanks also goes to Mr. Roughani who gave me this vision about information technology and various security aspects which surrounds it.  His extensive knowledge and experience with computers and specifically NT was evident throughout the discussions during the course.  He shared some technical notes that I have not been able to find in any reference material.  He is really good at what he does and he is an asset for CI.  I wish the students at CI take full advantage of his skills.  It really amazes me when I look at graduates from CI and the extent of their expertise compared to some of the other engineers graduating from other local schools.  At the end, please convey my thanks to all administrative staff and keep up the good work.  God bless you and thank you again."

A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  us wrote:
" Hi Victoria!  I just wanted to update you on my job search.  I had told you in April how I got a temp job at GE in Gaithersburg.  It was supposed to run out in a few weeks, but the person that they hired full time at the same time as me left for another job recently.  Luckily, they asked me if I was interested in it.  They asked me last week if I was interested and I said I wanted a day or two to think about it.  I also got a call from another agency regarding some similar help desk jobs in DC around the same time.  It's all or nothing as they say.  I have taken the GE job, although I was tempted by the other offers.  The only thing I don't like about this job is the money, $/hr but I will get health benefits at the beginning of August.  The other jobs were going to pay more and they had a better benefit plan, but I guess I am comfortable with the environment/people at this time, so for now I will stay.  Hopefully in the future, maybe later this year I will be able to make more money.  I don't have much experience yet, so this will be good.  Thanks for the good references and advice.   I will keep in touch with any further updates.
A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  us wrote:
"Great to hear from you!  I won't be attending the job fair because I have a fabulous job with Fairfax County Public Schools as a network engineer and a promising future with promotions.  But thank you for thinking of me and let me know if you need any references."
A graduate of Computer Institute, on her email letter to  our  instructor wrote:
"Thank you!  I really enjoyed the CNA class that I attended.  Your teaching style was excellent and the course was easy to follow.  I especially appreciated the section on "login scripts" - you explained scripts in such detail that I could use immediately in my work environment. I look forward to attending another course with you in the near future."
A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  us wrote:
"Hi.  I've accepted an Oracle Developer position with QSS Group, Inc. starting next Monday and will be working at the Corporation for National Service in downtown Washington, DC.  They found my resume on Lendeman's database and called me.  Lendeman must have posted it there after I went to one of their job fairs.  I do remember that I did not talk with QSS at any job fair, I don't think they were exhibiting.  I want to thank you for your help with my resume.  I know it made a difference!  I'm letting you know right away so you can stop sending my resume out."
A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  us wrote:
"I've been really busy lately working for Tek Systems, assigned to RMS in Lanham, MD.  Things are working out well, the CI training is paying off!  Say hello to everybody at CI for me."
A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  us wrote:
"I wanted to let you know that I have found a job working at Litton, PRC so you can withhold my resume UNLESS it's a LAN Admin job or pays more than ___ K because that is what I'd ideally like to do.  I am doing 2nd level help desk now so...."
A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  us wrote:
"Here is the additional information for you: Company is Intervise Consultants, Inc. as Technician/Internet Researcher.   My advise to other students without experience: "Be calm and confident when interviewing.  Be honest about what your limitations are; but don't sell yourself short.  Don't be too quick to choose more money over positions that will help to build your future.  This type of attitude got me many second interviews and a number of job offers."
A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  us wrote:
"Hi!  I am now working for PPI.  Do mostly government contracts.  I got hired as a Lead HelpDesk.  Start at _____.  Currently, do technical support for IRS website."
A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  us wrote:
"My job is confirmed and I am starting the new job on 2/16/99.  As soon as I find out more detail, I'll let you know.  Thanks for all the things you did for me.."
A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  us wrote:
"Getting your I.T. education at the Computer Institute is a great way to get into the Hi-Tech job field.  Whatever you will/have studied at the Computer Institute will greatly help you no matter what your background with computers may be.  According to my own experience job searching, I was approached a lot more after I graduated at the Computer Institute.  Trust me, it was by no means easy to get a Hi-Tech job interview but when you do, you will not regret having your updated computer skills on your resume."

Update on 2/99: Hi!  Everything is great and busy!  I'm consulting IBM, ORACLE and many other people, both known and not known companies!   They're located in HongKong, Canada, Germany, California, etc.  I've also done such a good job helping one programming manager, whose problem was life/death situation, and I walked him through every step perfectly.  He wanted to commend me by writing directly to the CEO and my manager, which he later did and boy was I proud!  My manager said that I should keep a copy for future reference as well!  Everybody congratulated me!  I'm usually successful but not everybody you help takes the time to do something nice like that.  Besides that, I've run the show alone in the office quite several times with everything hanging on my "expertise."  I'm doing the Intranet Web pages, revising the technical FAQ's for main website, burning our software CD's etc, so I'm quite busy!  Regards.  MB

A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  our Placement Director and Staff wrote:
"Well, I took some time.  So here is my story.  I had a computer for two years, one was a laptop, IBM 486 DX100.   While in Bosnia, I took an online training course.  When I returned from overseas work, I found out about the Computer Institute.  Bakir was there the first night.  I knew I wanted a career change.  I took the Triple C+ courses plus Cisco routers. Everyone, Amrit, Vahid, Victoria, Bakir, etc. all very nice people and supportive.

Finally I have been employed by IPC Technical Services in Gaithersburg.  I will be working in a government building on 17th Street N.W. and will start on Tuesday, the 16th of Feb 1999.  The salary is very good, and much better than I could have dreamed making by being a carpenter or mechanic.

Anyhow, pass on to all students.  I have taken several of the exams more than once.  Now, I have A+, NT Workstation and NT Server .  I am still studying for the other 4 exams.  Tell everyone do not give up.  It is important to have at least ONE computer to practice.  If at all possible have two.  It makes learning and reinforcing of skills much quicker.  As I have only been doing this for 18 months, that is great.  So thanks again to all at Computer Institute."

A graduate of Computer Institute, on her email letter to our instructor wrote:
"I got an offer from Marlabs Inc.  It's a consulting firm with offices in Fairfax, VA, Philadelphia, PA, San Jose, CA, and New York City.  This company is only 2 years old but the list of their clients is impressive: MCI, AT&T, Pizza Hut, General Electric Company, American College of Radiology, Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound, Radiation Therapy Oncology Group etc..  The last three clients are especially interesting for me since I have 4 years of Ukrainian Medical School and Bachelor's in Physiology.  Maybe that is why they want me to work for them.   Thank you very much for all the teaching and for maintaining my self confidence."
A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  us wrote::
"I'm sorry it took me so long to reply to your email.   I was out of state on assignment.  We are all contracted to GTE, who has the contract with the NAVY to perform a Year 2000 assessment on their computers.  This is a 10-12 week assignment that requires us to visit all the naval installations to scan all of their computers and capture all of the information then FTP it back to the headquarters in Bethesda, where they will analyze the information to see if the computers and software at each installation are year 2000 compatible (Y2K).  We are grouped 2 per team, and each team was given a region of the country, and in some cases of the world.  All of the CI grads stayed in the country, but the majority of them are either out WEST or down South (as they requested) and they wouldn't be returning until the end of the assignment.   I was lucky to get this area, PA and NJ.  We received a week of training with the software we are using.  Thanks again for your help and I will be in touch."
A graduate of Computer Institute on his email letter to  our Instructor wrote:
"Just want to say thank you for all the info that you fed us with.  I am now working as an Oracle Developer at this company over in Crystal City with one of your prior student.  There are a lot going on here.  I am very excited to be part of the Y2K solution team.  I am using and utilizing a lot of the stuff that you taught me in class.  But I think that knowing other applications helped me in the process as well.  Now I am preparing myself for the Developer certification."
A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  us wrote::
"Hi Victoria!  I got the job and I have a contract for 10 weeks and I'm traveling to Jacksonville, Florida and Virginia Beach.     I wanted to thank you for the opportunity that Computer Institute has job placement and I'm able to apply my knowledge that Computer Institute and the teacher   taught me.  On this job, I'm learning a lot.  We're doing a Y2K inventory for the Navy Medical Facilities.  I have to go and I'll send you a more formal letter and can you give my regards to Cherry?  Also, Gerald is working at Silver Spring and doing computer stuff too, but I'll get more info on that ."
A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  us wrote:
"Taking database course work at Computer Institute was the best thing that I have done for my career in the past few months. In a few short weeks after classes with Professor Lev Lansky, I was hired by Advanced Management Technology, Inc. in Washington, DC as a Programmer/Analyst. It really was helpful to be able to take advantage of the placement service that is provided by Computer Institute, and I want to thank you, Victoria, for your service in this regard. I would also like to especially thank Cherry Bunag for her invaluable assistance in updating my resume. When I was about to leave her office she said that getting a job is also a matter of LUCK.

Taking coursework at Computer Institute was instrumental in changing my luck. I had been out of the computer field for five years, and didn't find it easy to get a job until I took classes at Computer Institute to update my skills. Additionally, please give my regards to Professor Lansky. His ability to share his obviously sound knowledge about current database technology is something special. He really helped me both to gain current knowledge to improve my programming skills, and to gain confidence to follow through on my desire to re-enter the computer technology field. I was truly delighted after two weeks of work at AMTI when I found out that my new officemate had taken coursework at Computer Institute. She and I are both proud to have been associated with this training institute."

A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  us wrote:
"Thanks for the phone call yesterday.  I really appreciated the effort you've put forth since I graduated.  Because of you, I got a job with Crius, Inc.  As a consultant, I've managed to integrate at CACI.  Crius is still a small company but growing obviously and they treat me very nicely.  CACI is located in Chantilly, VA.  It's 33 miles each way, but until I get some experience, I don't mind the commute."

Update: 4 months after the above email was received:

"CACI International in Chantilly, VA is my new employer since Jan. 4th 1999.  It is the same company where I worked before but my paycheck is coming from CACI instead of going thru Crius.  My new salary is $______.  I have scheduled to take a Intro to Cisco Router Configuration (ICRC) class in April and CACI is paying for it.  Isn't that wonderful?  Thanks to everyone at CI.  Keep in touch.  Thanks."

A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  us wrote:
"I think many thanks to you are in order.  You have been a world of help to me in landing my first position in the IT field.  I must say the news did travel quite fast, but without your invaluable help, I would not be writing this letter now.  I must apologize for taking this long to respond to your request for information regarding my current status of employment.  However, it's better late than never.  Through your diligent help, of which I am eternally grateful, I got a position as a Staff Consultant with New Boston Systems.   I am currently assigned to the Pentagon with Zen Technology, where I assist in the areas of User Support, Technical Support and General LAN administration.  I am currently working with a wide range of technologies and platforms.  These include Windows for Workgroups, Windows NT, Windows 95, Novell Netware 3.X and 4.X and a mix of topologies and protocols.The job is quite interesting and there is quite a bit to learn, so I am constantly taking notes."
A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  us wrote:
"Believe it or not, after training, you will find a job that you wish to have and it will pay for all the hard work, patience, and efforts which you put into your studies.  To all the students: don't be frustrated with yourself and be patient, work hard, and most of all, go to the job fairs before your class is over.  Also, you better update your resume and go to your first job fair dressed professionally, with a happy smile and lots of confidence.  If you do, believe me you will make it like I did.  I went to the first job fair and first interview and my first job so simple.  Hey, if I could do it, you can do it too.  Just have faith on God and faith on yourself.

I have to take time and thank everybody at Computer Institue for helping me to achieve my goal. Thank you so much Dr. Seyed, Dr. Lev, John, Prasad, Hojat, Victoria, Lida, Hassan, Tammy, and Dimitri and all the staff at the Computer Institute.  Thank you so much for all your kindness and for helping me to help myself."

A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  us wrote:
"Just a note to let you know that I start work tomorrow at CAC.  I am really looking forward to it.  It took almost a month of sending out resumes and going to job fairs but then I got lots of interview calls and am still getting a few.  So, please tell people not to give up if the first month doesn't bring much response.  Sometimes, it just takes time for companies to process all the resumes they receive.  Thanks again to everyone, especially Ismail and Vahid and Courtney down at the Virginia campus."
A graduate of Computer Institute on his email letter to our Placement Director wrote:
"Victoria, thank you for the follow-up.  I just completed my 5th exam and will complete my last this month.  I have been working on a consulting basis for a small financial software company.  I would like to update my resume and talk to you further about opportunities.  The software company wants to hire me full time for a Y2K project.  Looking back, the position for the Norwoods school would have been a great job."

Update:  After talking to him, we asked him to get in touch with Norwoods School because they really liked him.  On November 20, 1998, Paul Schuncke emailed our Placement Director that he started working for the Norwoods School as a Network Engineer.

A graduate of Computer Institute on her email letter to our Placement Department wrote:
"Thank you so much for your efforts in locating a job for me at AMTI.  If you remember, I spoke to you on telephone regarding this.   After completing the Oracle Developer Specialist certification course, I was very happy with the quality of training at Computer Institute.  After I submitted my resume to you electronically, I got tremendous response from different recruiters, companies.  This indeed was a unique experience for me as far as the job search process is concerned.  I greatly appreciate yours and the Institute's efforts for doing the job placement for me."
A graduate of Computer Institute on his email letter to our Placement Department wrote:
"Victoria, thank you much for all your help on job searching.  I still am getting phone calls and emails for interviews.  You really did a great job.  Sorry, I didn't contact you earlier.  Please send me more information on your Cisco course."
A graduate of Computer Institute, on his email letter to  us wrote:
"It's a pleasure to email you this brief note to inform you that I landed a job with Unisys Corporation.  I just started to work this week and am really enjoying it.  I would like to thank you very much for all your assistance and everything that you did for me while I was job hunting.  I hope that the rest of the wonderful people at CI are still there.  Please extend my regards to them all, especially Dr. Seyed and everyone else."
An graduate of Computer Institute on her email letter to our Placement Director wrote:
"I got a job as a Financial Systems Analyst with a company that has contact with Agency for International Development.  It's at Tyson's Corner.  Permanent, full-time, full benefits, with good salary and bonus (salary and bonuses were eliminated to protect the graduate's privacy).  I'd like to thank you, Lev, and your boss and everyone who tried to help me.  Happy New Year and God bless you."

Update: 2/99 How are you doing?  I moved on to a different part of the project.  Now, I am in Database Engineering group.   New place, new people, more stress.

An graduate of Computer Institute on his email letter to one of our instructors wrote:
"Just accepted an offer yesterday.  I am going to work at Automated Concepts in Reston, VA.  Thank you so much for all the help and recommendation you made.  You helped us make the first step to get into the exciting new field."
A  graduate of Computer Institute on his  email letter to our Placement Director wrote:
"Hello again.  Thank you very much for all your help, Victoria!  I was offered this position at DynCorp through your reference, and the opportunity seems very promising.  The people seem extremely competent and very friendly, and the location is great (Old Town Alexandria).  This is my "foot in the door" and I'm very excited about the possibilities.  Who would have thought that in the space of two months, I could go from knowing nothing about programming or Internet Development to being offered a starting position as a programmer.  Thank you, thank you!  My advise to other students:  Try as many different avenues as you can for finding a position in your desired field (Internet, job fairs, Victoria, Yellow Pages, etc.)  And use Victoria as a resource and a reference - the interviews I got all came from Victoria's referrals.  She is well-connected."
A graduate of Computer Institute on his  letter to our Instructor wrote:
"Dear Mr. Sibal, I Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for providing excellent guidance during my just completed A+ Certification program.  I really learned a lot in that course.  It is very comprehensive and I would highly recommend it to anyone no matter what their background."
A graduate of Computer Institute on her  email letter to  our Placement Director wrote:
"Thanks for suggesting that I send my resume to APEX Systems.  I did and Joe got in touch with me the week before in reference to job openings that I qualified for.  I took a test, passed, and they sent me out to interview with Decision One.  I got accepted and am now working as a contractor PC Technician at the World Bank.

I was also interviewed for the Jr. NT Admin position, but they wanted people with more experience or at least with an MCSE, which I haven't gotten yet.

I wrapped up my first week this Friday and I tell you, I never thought I'd see so many different HP Laser printers in one week (and I had to troubleshoot them!)   I've taken out and replaced three system boards, and so many other various tasks.   It's enough to start with, right?  Thanks again to you all, especially to Amrit and Jay."

A  graduate of Computer Institute on his  email letter to  one of our Instructor wrote:
"This is to share with you that I just got an offer from one of the largest computer consulting firm in Northern Virginia.  For what I learnt during a month period of time, they offered me ___K annual salary to be a junior DBA.  It was so unbelievable that I was shocked for a couple of days.  I would like to say to you that I owe all this to you, Lev that you taught me everything that I have to know not necessary in my future job, but at least for the job interview.  I know that there is still a long way ahead of me.  But that's life and I don't have too many choices.

For a guy with no computer program background at all, what I was offered is a miracle and the miracle is all yours, Lev.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for all your patience with me and your excellent way of teaching.  Thank you again."

A graduate of Computer Institute on his  email letter to  our Placement Director wrote:
"I really got a lot out of the class.  I think that computer experience, then classes, then more experience and classes is the best possible approach.  If you have some experience with computers, then you will be very far ahead of virtually anyone else in the market place.  I have found that none of the people who interviewed me know anything about Oracle  Just make sure you don't give the impression that you can be the lead person.  But you will have the knowledge to work on tasks.

Now, if you have no background in computers and you take the Oracle classes, get in the Oracle environment any way you can.  Once you have a year or two experience, you can get a better job (higher salary) fairly easily.   You also have to project a very knowledgeable presence."

A graduate of Computer Institute on his  email letter to  our Placement Director wrote:
"Here you go Victoria!  My advise to students who are inexperienced and switching to the computer field: First, get certified.   Next, get in with a company that will take you in any computer related role.   Stick with it for at least a year and learn as much as you can.  Then move on into a higher paying job with a better title."
A  graduate of Computer Institute on her letter to  one of our Instructor wrote:
"As one of the CI students, who were very lucky to have you as an instructor, I would like to thank you again for giving me the opportunity to start my career in the field of information technology. In teaching process, it is very important to be not only a good specialist in a subject area, but be able to pass your knowledge to the people with different technical background, and to have a talent to explain complicated matters in simple way.  Your clear explanations of difficult concepts in programming enchanced with good learning materials and the examples provided me with solid foundation for developing skills in RDBMS using Oracle tools.  Your availability for consultations and your patience in answering on all our questions created a great learning atmosphere in the classroom.

Currently, I work for the Corporation for National Service on developing the Trust Fund automated system using Oracle tools including SQL*Plus, PL/SQL, Developer 2000 and Designer 2000.  I am gaining the new knowledge and working experience constantly, but the basic foundation has been created under your supervision.  I am very grateful to you and CI for this great learning experience.  I hope to stay in touch with you in professional and personal matters."


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