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Sunday, February 23, 2020
Certified Netware Administrator (CNA)
ACE Recommends 2 College Credits, transferability of these credits lies with the accepting colleges and universities.
The CNA  is designed to prepare the applicants for today's demanding networking technologies. As a CNA, you will be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the network. The course covers objectives for Netware 5 Administration (#560) including Novell Directory Services (NDS), Netware 5 connectivity, file system, security features, workstation management, print services and Netware installation.
CNA Prerequisites
Prior to CNA courses, the applicants have to know DOS, Windows 95 and Computer Hardware (A+ Certification). An applicant without the above knowledge  will find it very difficult to proceed. The A+ Certification and Network+ Certification are highly recommended as a prerequisite for CNA students.
CNA Exam Requirement
To become a Novell CNA, one has to pass test #050-639.
CNA Course Outline
  • Introduction to NetWare 5 and NDS
  • Using a Workstation
  • Setting Up and Managing Network Access for Users
  • Printing with Novell Distributed Print Services
  • Managing the File System
  • Managing File System Security
  • Creating and Managing Login Scripts
  • Managing NDS Security
  • Distributing and Managing Network Applications with Z.E.N.works
  • Managing Worstation in an NDS Environment with Z.E.N.works
  • Managing Resources in a Multicontext Environment
  • Installing NetWare 5


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